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Honour. Thank. Serve, Remember.

Each Branch appoints a Veteran Services Chairman/Branch Service Officer who is available to advise and assist the Veterans, widows, ex-servicemen etc., in their communities. A branch may appoint two people to fill the Veteran Services Chair position and the Service Officer position.

The officer can be called upon to respond to a variety of questions and situations. Most Chairman are familiar with Veteran Affairs benefits, and are also aware of other Federal, Provincial and Municipal programs which exist and might be appropriate.

All information and questions brought to the Branch Service officer/Veteran Services Chairman are held in the strictest confidence.

The Veteran Services Chairman/Branch Service Officers works with the Provincial Service Officer and Counsellors at Veteran Affairs Canada to ensure that requests for assistance are referred to the attention of the proper persons or authority.

The services of the Provincial Service Officers are available to all Legion branches, the Legion member, or ex-service personnel and/or their dependants. You need not be a member of the Legion to use the services of a Provincial Service Officer.

The Provincial Service Officers devote most of their time to disability pension claims and are actively involved in the preparation of these claims. They also appeal and defend against negative pension decisions.

Although the Provincial Service Officer is knowledgeable on other programs provided by Veterans Affairs (such as War Veterans Allowance, Treatment benefits and the Veterans Independence program), veterans and their dependants are routinely referred to Veterans Affairs to establish their eligibility for these programs.

Referrals to the appropriate Provincial Service Officer should be made through your local veterans services chairman/branch service officer.

The Pension Act is the major piece of legislation governing the award of disability pensions. Merchant Navy Veterans and Civilians are covered for benefits under the Merchant Navy Veteran and Civilian War-related Benefits Act.

Contact Port Credit Legion Service Officer by calling or emailing the branch:  (905) 278-1705 or 

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