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The National Memorial Ride is an event that brings together motorcycle enthusiasts and supporters to remember and commemorate Canada’s Fallen Veterans. Held annually on the first Sunday in June, riders join a motorcycle procession through Ottawa to the National Military Cemetery at Beechwood, where they participate in a Service of Remembrance and wreath laying ceremony to commemorate Canada’s Fallen military servicemen and women. This event offers a unique opportunity for riders to share their pride in Canada’s Veterans and honour those who served their country.



The National Memorial Ride offers motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to show their pride in Canada's Veterans and commemorate the Fallen.

The idea to have a National Memorial Ride (NMR) began after several Veteran motorcycle enthusiasts saw the success of the annual American Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride that supported American Veterans. They also wanted to give Veteran motorcyclists the opportunity to pay their respects to fallen comrades.

The problem was that Canada did not have a national military cemetery for these Veterans to meet and pay their respects. This situation changed in 2007 when the federal government agreed to the creation of the National Military Cemetery at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa.

Armed with an idea and a location, these founding NMR members set about organizing the ride. The target date was 2010 and more than 150 Veteran motorcycle organizations gathered at the National Military Cemetery on the first Sunday in June that year.

The NMR has continued unabated ever since. In 2015, the executive of the NMR approached the Legion and asked them to host this event because it was growing in scope and size beyond the capabilities of a few volunteers.

The National Memorial Ride is the only event sanctioned by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Beechwood Cemetery and the Legion, inviting large numbers of Veteran motorcycle enthusiasts to visit the site on their motorcycles and pay their respects.

The Legion’s NMR is open to all Veteran motorcycle enthusiasts, Veteran motorcycle organizations, and supporters who wish to give meaning to past sacrifice and acknowledge the courage of those presently serving.

For more details on the Ride and how to participate or to observe, please view the registration details below

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